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Colonial SHUR SNAP fishtail switchblade

Colonial SHUR SNAP fishtail switchblade

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Shur Snap fishtail switchblade from the 1950s. This is an early model made before 1955 by the Colonial Knife co of Providence, RI model 1800B. We can date it by the characteristics of small domed button and bolsters. This knife measures 4 inches closed and 7.25 inches open with brass liners. The blade is nearly full with light patina and some light scratches, but good overall. The scales are white synthetic and are in vg condition with a little shrinkage near the bottom on both sides. The knife works well, tip deep, good snap and average lockup for a knife like this that has seen use over the past 70 years. Approx 1/8" movement each way at the tip but it does lock and safety works marginally. Knife rattles a little if shaken when open. Doesn't affect the value much. Nice old 1950s American fishtail switchblade. 

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