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Colonial SHUR-SNAP bowtie Black switchblade

Colonial SHUR-SNAP bowtie Black switchblade

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This is a Shur Snap bowtie fishtail switchblade with Black imitation stag synthetic scales. The knife was made by the Colonial Knife Co of Providence, RI in the late 1950s, likely 1956-58 and designated the model 1800CB. It measures 4 inches closed and 7.25 inches open and has steel liners. The tang should have been stamped SHUR SNAP over Colonial over PROV USA, but many were stamped so light that you can't see it, and some were never stamped . We can tell it's a later 4th gen knife by the large domed button. The blade is mostly full and shiny with some light pitting. It has been nicely cleaned. The Black  synthetic scales are in nice condition with no shrinkage. Operates well with blade tip sitting deep closed, good snap and good lockup. Safety works. 100% money back guarantee including return shipping if you're not happy with this knife.

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